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SBCGlobal is the contracted name of southwestern Bell Telephone Company which is the subordinate of ATT. SBCGlobal offers its customers around the world a world-class telecom service. You can get the support of SBC Global through many ways like through its support number which is there for you 24/7, phone number service, social media service, talk to human assistant through live chat, email service, for online service contact the customer care service or you can also call us via Skype. But the best service SBC Global will provide you is email service as it’s secure and uninterrupted. 

SBC Global support through mail

In terms of support SBC Global email support provides its best through the mails as the privacy is maintained and also uninterrupted. SBC Global email is a revered email service that is incepted by TT and Yahoo! With this SBC Global has brought together ATT and Yahoo! Because of this merging given by SBC Global the users can access all the features that Yahoo has in the offing.

How to sign up for SBC global email 

  • Enter the in the address bar of your web browser and open it.
  • Then click the option named mail on that particular page.
  • As the web page opens find the option labeled as sign in and below that you will find the option to create a new account click on that option.
  • Then when you tab in that option just simply fill your details required by the page. Then click the continue button.

If you find any problem in sign up then contact our SBC Global email or support provider. Now when you are done with creating your email then you will have to sign up into your account. This is an easy process. For that to happen you have to follow some simple steps and then you are all set to go through your SBC Global account.

SBC Global customer service

It has been easy and simple to get online help and assistance for your problems from SBC Global. The shortcut to get a fast online assistant for SBC global service is to just dial SBC global customer service phone number. Call us and we will provide you the correct answers to your queries and a relatable solution to your questions.

Want to configure SMTP and IMAP in your SBC Global email account, or configure outlook email account settings for SBC Global account, log in to SBC global email account from ATT login page, sync SBC Global email account to Gmail account, or want to reset a forgotten or lost SBC global account password just do it all through the help of SBC global customer support which will lead yours to the solution of all your queries. 

Contact our customer service through our helpline numbers or the social media service and we will reach you on time with the best solutions and also provide you the advice related to that particular query so you can handle it in future easily without any troubleshooting.

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